Prayers do move mountains

Update on Dan: Surgery went well. It was a triple bypass and they also repaired his mitral valve. This morning (tues) he is resting comfortably and the breathing tube is out.  His heart has been damaged from several heart attacks and is pumping at 20%. Dan is a strong guy with a lot of life in him and we’ve already seen great improvements since all this happened a week ago.  Thank you so much for all of your prayers and kind words, we are truly blessed and appreciate all of you.

Florida Trip: When I went to Fla. in late Jan. it was to purchase a bluebird wantderlodge which was Dan’s dream coach. After purchase I was taking it to an rv park for a few wks, then taking it to a boondocking rally before putting it in storage until Easter.  Dan had a week off work at Easter and we planned to bring the coach home to Ohio.  Dan had 18 mos until retirement and we would have plenty of time to get to know the coach and prepare for full timing.  Well the deal on the coach fell through (things happen for a reason) and I stayed in Fla for a few weeks.  I rented a small rv  for three weeks and joined up with some friends boondocking their way through Fla and also attended the Rv – dreams boondocking rally. I Returned the rental rv on Monday morning and headed home, I got the phone call about Dan 2 to 3 hrs into my drive home.

Arrival at the hospital:  When I got to the hospital on Tues Dan was sedated and on a respirator, things didn’t look good.  Wed morning we found out he had pnemonia and they would not be doing open heart surgery anytime soon but later that night he started to come around and his fever was down. By Thurs morning he was breathing on his own, the respirator tube was removed, he was able to sip water. Thurs just continued with great improvement ending with Dan sitting in a chair and the two of us playing a game of cards around 10pm.  Dan was still weak and needed assistance to walk to bathroom but his improvement in just a short amount of time was amazing.  Friday morning brought news that open heart surgery was now scheduled for monday morning.


The above picture was taken Sat. afternoon and will forever be one of my favorites.  Just to think how far things had changed from Tuesday evening to when this pic was taken is just proof of the power of prayer.

The Dream:  Dan and I talked Sat. night about our full timing plans and they are still on.  Things may be written in jello and be a bit different than we had planned but we’ll adjust. I reminded him that I am now proficient at dumping tanks since my Florida experience (he loved that idea) and  we’ll figure it out.

Thank you all so much again for sharing/praying on this journey. We have a lot of recovery/healing to do now and we are so grateful for every day.

Home from Florida….please pray for Dan

As I headed out on my 22 hr drive home from florida on monday 2/17 I got a call that my husband Dan had been taken to the hospital after suffering a major heart attack.  The drive seemed more like it went on for days as Drs would call and make me pull over so they could talk to me and get permission to do things as Dan was in critical condition, sedated, and on a respirator.  I can not thank all of my rv friends who prayed and supported me through those awful days. After getting to the hospital late tues (he also now had pnemonia), things started to improve Wed afternoon. By Thurs evening Dan was breathing on his own and the respirator and feeding tubes were removed.  Today he is doing amazing (although weak) and open heart surgery is tomorrow morning.  Please keep him in your prayers, thank you, Kris

2013+ and a magic bus

2013:  I really dislike the new naming of winter storms – just dumb

polar vortex – used to be called an artic blast, prior to that “winter in Ohio” geesh

2014:  Motorhome shopping – Dan wants a vintage bluebird bus but maybe I could talk him into a vintage hippie bus??    Samples: hippy bus 59 hippy bus 90 hippy bus 93 hippy bus 96

Or……a vw bus

34567_125538770822507_4139051_n hippy bus 43 Bright camper van in Holt - 18th June 2006 hippy bus 25 hippy bus 51 But who knows, spring is coming and then the hunt is ON….woohoo!        ( Singing “The Who”  lyrics below…Every day I get in the queue (Too much, the Magic Bus) To get on the bus that takes me to you (Too much, the Magic Bus) I’m so nervous, I just sit and smile (Too much, the Magic Bus) Your house is only another mile (Too much, the Magic Bus) Thank you, driver, for getting me here (Too much, the Magic Bus) You’ll be an inspector, have no fear (Too much, the Magic Bus) I don’t want to cause no fuss (Too much, the Magic Bus) But can I buy your Magic Bus? (Too much, the Magic Bus)

is there a blogger in me?

Writing and blogging just don’t come naturally for me.  I’m more the speaker than the scribe…

I can tell you a great story but I can’t write it down. It loses something. You can’t see my hand expressions, my eyes grow bigger or hear my laughter or feel my frustration.

When I attempt to do a new post it feels lame when I reread it.  It doesn’t feel like me.

Maybe I should just post pictures, or better yet, a cartoon, lol, cept I hate cartoons. Didn’t even like them as a kid.  I also hate movies, can’t sit still that long and I prefer books which is totally backwards if you understand my problem with writing.  Maybe that’s it, i’m ironic although I really am sarcastic so now I’ve written myself into some kind of “needing therapy” blogger.  Shit, see what happens when I attempt to write.  🙂


Moving Day tomorrow, yikes, what have we done…just kidding

After weeks months of packing and downsizing we are making progress.  On to a 2bdrm condo for 12 mos while we continue to downsize and motorhome shop.  I’m a bit disappointed that we had to get a storage unit but it is what it is. My goal is to have the unit cleaned out by May and I really didn’t want a packed garage at the condo. After all this I need some breathing space.  The idea of a sparse/small/organized  living space has great appeal. Movers will be here at 8 am tomorrow, Sunday will be last trips for trash and donations, then Monday final cleaning at the old house.  Woohoo for tuesday

Fear:  that in a few months I’ll be homesick

Hope:  that after the fall RV Dreams rally in October, that Dan bumps up his retirement date to June 2014 and we head out in Sept 2014???

Well today I’m not getting too far ahead of myself.  Goal was to sell house and prepare to be full timers and we’ve done that.  Soon a bit of relaxation!!  In two wks we leave for the Smokies and have two weeks to enjoy ourselves in our travel trailer and it should be gorgeous with all the fall colors.  The plan is to stop in Cumberland Falls, Ky, then on to meet up with some old friends we haven’t seen in a long time near Knoxville, Tn, then on to the rally in Franklin, NC.  This will be the longest and farthest trip with our travel trailer and I am pretty stoked about it.

I knew a few people have previously suggested we just start out in the TT that we have, and we may, but to really be mobile and content I think another unit would better fit the bill.  Cooking, which I love to do, is a pain in this unit.  Most of the time I cook outside but when we full time I would really want a little better set up.  1174900_10201303343038096_1145517212_n

I have noticed that the longer we are staying in it the more like home it seems so I’m thinking that’s a good sign. (homemade quilts, curtains, and lots of light make a huge difference to me).                                           1234377_10201303380279027_340076473_n

The last time out in it, Dan took off biking with the dog and I spent an afternoon relaxing and cleaning/ organizing the trailer and finally remembered to bring some great CD’s to play.  What a difference “the Beatles” made, lol.  I think I was just in camping mode for so long in this trailer and now I am getting more into everyday living in it which I hope you full timers can relate to.  Anyway, it felt great and I’m loving all the changes.

well, off to pack more boxes.  Thanks to everyone for all your support.

The house is sold and Campground review

Well 14 days on the market and the house sold.  Wow, didn’t expect that.

So we are on to the next step towards our quest to be full timers. Dan still has 18 – 24 mos before retirement so we have rented a condo for the next 12 mos.  I guess you could call this phase one of the downsizing. Although the condo is spacious we have sold or given away about half of our stuff.  This winter in the condo will give us some more time to go through things that we didn’t get to yet, such as pictures, paperwork, and christmas stuff.

We hope to buy the motorhome next spring and are going to take our time looking, now that the sale is over   It was fun looking at all the new motorhomes while we were dreaming about this but now that it is actual spending money time we are going to not rush and hope to find the “almost perfect” used one that is waiting for us.


I think this is one of my favorite campgrounds around here.  It is actually a county park, no hookups but each of the 24 sites have a picnic table and a fire pit. I almost didn’t post about this great little out of the way place because it’s NEVER crowded. As usual there were three tent campers there upon our arrival so our group basically doubled the occupancy and that was it for the rest of the weekend.  The first section, as you enter the park has 8 sites that are spacious and without trees (sorry, no pic), perfect for large MH’s and 5’ers.  The second section (where we were) has a few trees on the sites for shade, and the spots are a bit smaller but great for a group outing.  The last section (around the open field) is a nice mix of both types of spots and also provides a great turn around.  No showers and only pit toilets, cost is $15 a night, no discounts. If you like secluded and quiet, campfires and great stargazing, check it out.

1004692_10201120340063136_525779939_nThree sites across from us

999092_10201120337743078_523165929_nOur three spots.

1157637_10201120343703227_133440345_nAt the end of the lane there is a large field with an additional 8 campsites around it. Note two tent campers…..not at all on top of each other.

1185985_10201120353783479_448301534_nMy friend Tom hiking one of the trails.

1170852_10201120362143688_831855167_nJust a short distance away from the park is this great ole covered bridge.

1174657_10201120365583774_1859145373_nhummmm….I think there is a geocache  somewhere in here.

1157492_10201120381424170_824748500_nYeah!!  Shelly found her first geocache ever, welcome to the club!!

Well back to packing but did enjoy the break and a visit from the oldest three grandkids, love you guys. 1146496_10201120586189289_31115947_n

Looking forward to visiting Mohican Wilderness Campground and Mohican State park in just a few weeks, can’t let all this moving get in the way, I’ll unpack when it’s snowing right??

993992_10201121698537097_1221573083_nparked for awhile…:(

Just dropped off for a while…

Well first off I’m still here.  Just been busy distracted lazy or maybe aloof.  hummmm. doing much better now, can’t believe I haven’t updated this blog in 71 days (yep I counted them out on calendar just now).  Yep, I’m fine, Dan’s fine, everyone’s fine (now anyways). So here is my 71 day update:

May: Our busiest month, yard work….what happened, I used to love planting the flowers and vegetable garden and then the excitement of opening the pool. Not so much any more, so ready to leave and hit the road, sigh, but slow down, think differently…enjoy it, realize this might be the last tomato plant you ever raise, savor it, enjoy each day. Ok, I’m trying. Love love straw bale gardening, no work, easypeasy way to plant, and NO weeding!!1006240_10200872342503352_1254880363_n

Then Mother’s Day, Dan took me out to the ballgame. Love my tigers and of course Cabrerra, Fielder, and Dirks all hit homeruns, was a great day.1003452_10200872355423675_1973748241_n

Memorial day, camping…found this ole MH and just had to have a pic 960075_10200613306107604_1080069652_n

June:  I’m off to NC for a few weeks. My daughter had to have surgery and I wanted to be with her. Surgery went well and she is doing great.  While I was there they had a sea turtle release from the sea turtle rescue hospital where she volunteers. Here a a few pics:1000082_10200872360703807_1132626385_n934958_10200872416905212_248097660_n1005618_10200872424185394_1406279768_n968830_10200872433105617_305456434_nPretty neat day spent with Jack and his aunt Lisa. Jack goes to the sea turtle hospital with Lisa and is offically their youngest volunteer.

Back home, 1500 mile road trip. a bit tired but so happy to have spent time with my daughter.

1045226_10200849643495891_1620342597_nBailey missed snuggling with mom…

Had a great evening meeting up with full timers Jim and Dee.  They were passing through our area and camping not far from us.  Went to dinner at Packo’s, a Toledo favorite made famous by Jamie Farr (Klinger) on the tv series Mash. Note the signed hot dog buns on walls, autographed by  just about every famous person you can imagine..1000460_10200872591229570_803994393_n1000147_10200872455786184_914885001_nYou can follow Dee and Jim’s travels at Was so great to meet up with them, they are just so nice.


Well the first was my bday, 38th (cough, cough, ok…really..58 geeze..) and then the fourth was quiet due to Dan working but we did get to see the youngest granddaughter Delaney, did I mention she likes ice cream??1044853_10200864365863941_1223677671_n

Wow, I did it, blog caught up….whew.  Now for the current news (drum roll please).  We are meeting with the realtor tonight to put the house up for sale.  Still MH shopping but one thing at a time….anyone need a brick ranch with pool???944706_10200872617470226_564757336_n

Some RV window shopping and more downsizing


Saw a sweet 35 footer today at Bass Pro’s RV show. Dan is completely surprised (and happy) that I’m starting to come around to a Class A over a Class C.   The more we look the more I really like the panoramic view you get in a class A front seats and the basement storage  in class C’s just doesn’t even come close to the storage in a class A.  At this point we are keeping our options open and will keep looking.  There are so many different things to consider when you are going full time verses just vacationing in these.  I am so glad that the last year we found so many full time blogs to follow, along with the chat rooms, and the up coming fall rally.  I really can’t stress enough what a difference these have made and how many mistakes they may have helped us avoid (I’m sure we will still make plenty) but we are grateful we have these resources.

Sample: Today when we were looking at RV’s I have been thinking all along that a regular (propane) oven was on my must have list vs a microwave/convection combo oven. Many rv’s only have this combo.  In the chat I asked about this and it was pointed out that if you are boondocking or drycamping you would might want to use the propane oven verses running the generator or running down your solar batteries with the convection oven. They’re right, I want to keep that as a must have option.  Thanks guys!  Again, just one of many things they have helped us through in this process.

So the list goes on, solar, batteries, inverters, BLM maps, boondocking, CCCW, toads, to name a few….Sometimes I feel like we are learning a whole new language that is only truly understood by this nomad group of full timers who love sharing anything you would like info about. Way too cool!

Well here is tomorrow’s project, how embarrassing can a messy garage be…geeze.  There is a 1964 Ford engine behind the incomplete dresser and I don’t think any rv basement storage can handle this.


my first blog pics!!!  🙂

Where to begin??

Oh my gosh.  After 18 years in this house we have so much stuff.

I started going through everything only keeping what we need to live here and stage house, a garage sale is planned and the goodwill store has a lot of our clothes.

Random thoughts:

“Why do I have seven drink pitchers??  ok, down to four, will only need one eventually.”  That was my day yesterday and included more items than pitchers.

Dan worked on the garage. I know he is overwhelmed with it. All those years of collecting tools and now just unload them??  Trying to narrow it down to ones he may need on the road….I feel the same way about my crafts/sewing stuff.  I’m down to 13 small totes of fabric from about 30.  That’s still still too many but it’s a start.  I’ll keep at it. He will too.

Fun Day

Saturday we went up into Michigan and looked at some motorhomes. Was fun but we still are trying to decide.  I wanted a class c (maybe a 30 footer), Dan is thinking a class a diesel pusher (36 to 40 feet).  The more we look and not rush into it the better and until the house is sold there is no hurry. We still have the Travel trailer for weekends trips.

Dan wanted to take me to a restaurant up in Dearborn (he works up there) so we headed to the Westpoint BBQ.  He loves their broasted chicken.  Their french onion soup was to die for and the chicken was really good.  Unfortunately I ordered the two piece chicken meal expecting a breast and maybe a wing,  and Dan ordered the 4 piece meal.  Couldn’t believe when it came that each piece was a whole chicken breast.  We actually had 6 chicken breasts, that’s 3 chickens, omg….we couldn’t stop laughing. Guess we should read the menu a bit closer.  Oh well, that worked, three came home with us and Sunday dinner was leftovers.  They also came with a salad, potato, and a slice of garlic bread (4″x9″) that was huge.  We didn’t eat the bread but they filled our bird feeder up nicely so no waste.  $24 bill, but was way too much food.  If we go back I may have to order off the kids menu.

After dinner we headed to Westborn market.  Dan says the guys he works with in Dearborn rave about the place so we wanted to check it out.  Beautiful produce, a bakery, deli, meat market, wines, beers, and their homemade cheeses, oh yeah, this is our kind of place.  Got some fresh baked pita (no HFC), a few vadalia onions (first crop of the year), huge bell peppers, several cheeses, and a 6 pk of Dos Equis.  Tuesday nite baseball viewing  will include chicken/veggie pitas with homemade yogurt sauce and a few amber beers for sure. Super day exploring a city that we have never hung out in so it was a bit of what we expect to do on the road.  I’m sure if we had been total newbies to that area a tour of the Ford museum and a Detroit Tiger baseball game would have been included.  We are  really excited for our full time journey to begin, it”s good to have these practice days.