Loving gulf shores, AL

Not much to write, just happy to be away from Wintertime.  Celebrated our 22nd wedding anniversary and feeling pretty blessed.


After last Feb, this anniversary was pretty special.  We took a ride and found this beautiful beach bar and had to have a bloody mary (or two)….





And then fresh oysters for dinner.


Love the white sandy beaches, especially when it’s snowing at home


Hope every one had a blessed Thanksgiving.  Moving to Destin, Florida on Monday where we will be for two months. Dan will be getting some checkups and some tests so we’ll be stationary for two months.  Loved this gulf shore area so we will definitely be back someday.  Kris


Tupelo MS – Trace state Park

Trace State Park – what a beautiful setting on a lake with full hook ups.  We were only going to spent a few nights here but stayed a week.  We did take a 40 mile trek into Oxford, MS to get Bailey groomed at a petsmart. Oxford is home to Ole Miss college and they have a very cool downtown Square with shops and bars but traffic was horrible due to a football game so we didn’t stay any longer than her grooming appt.

From Trace State Park we spent some time at the following stops on the Trace:

Confederate Grave sitesconfederate graves

20 mile bottom overlook20 mile overlook 2 20 mile overlook 1Looking down onto old trace sunken path

Hiking at Chickasaw Villagechickasaw hike 1

Of course Tupelo is Elvis’s birthplace so we had to stopElvis birthplace

And a few pic’s of Trace State Park in Tupelo:trace state park 2trace state park 1trace state park

After a week in Tupelo we headed to Brandon, MS outside of Jackson, MS.  After 350 miles of “wooded” Natchez Trace it breaks out of the woods along Ross Barnett Reservoir. jackson msjackson ms 2

We stopped at the Reservoir overlook:overlook

We stayed 3 nights at Timberlake State Park but my favorite part of our Jackson, MS stopover was Cypress Swampcypress swamp 5cypress swamp 4cypress swamp 6

Now on to Natchez State Park and the final 110 miles of this beautiful Parkway….

The Natchez Trace – Our slow trek to a warm winter place

We left Land Between the Lakes and headed to the Natchez Trace.  All backroads today, no highways, 120 miles…..just the kind of short day we like.


This is just after getting on the Trace.

10414509_10204237543351270_7557190952715704946_n  The Natchez Trace goes 440 miles from Nashville to Natchez, Ms.  No commercial vehicles are allowed on the trace so NO semi’s and the speed limit is only50 mph so you just enjoy the view.  The area is rich in history and there are lots of neat stops along the way. No billboards, no gas stations, no carryouts,  so pack a lunch, lots of  pull offs and great views.  Here are a few…

10629824_10204271180952189_122380680889876719_n10678713_10204271181712208_1838168741795301788_n10641212_10204271185952314_1164601079394185442_n10402688_10204254832063477_2008525645862745697_nThis last one was looking down from a bridge on the Trace.


1234695_10204251329055904_6803612372858249667_nA pic of the Jackson’s at Jackson Fall’s ( thanks Krya)

and a view of the falls


We boondocked (camping with no hookups)  for 4 nites at the Meriweather Lewis campground where our friend Kyra was camping also.  We also got to meet up with Malia Lane who is traveling the Trace (in her motorhome) writing about the Trace for Motorhome Magazine.  We really enjoy meeting up with other full timers and had a wonderful visit around the campfire. Hopefully we meet up with Malia farther down the Trace later this week.


After 4 nites it was time to move on and we headed on down the trace, passing through Alabama


Another short day, 130 miles to Tupelo, MS.  We are at Trace State Park (full hook ups) since we are gonna have a few chilly nights and the cold isn’t good for either one of us. So we are cozy and warm here for the next week, temps will be back in the 70’s Monday, then we’ll head out Friday.  yep, drive 130 miles, stay a week….that’s how we roll.  below is the new camp, i’ll get a better pic later as this was late in the day when we got here….


Thank you all again for the wonderful heartfelt prayers for Dan.  We are blessed to be able to head south and get him away for the winter.  Between his heart, COPD, and the paralysis in his right hand, cold weather is the worst for him. Thanks for following along and indulging me on making this journal/blog.  Kris



Day 52 – Living the dream

After leaving Mohican (Loudonville, Ohio) we returned to our home area and spent a week at Maumee Bay State park while we had the Jeep set up for towing. We’ve always camped here and love the park especially the bike trails along Lake Erie.


After getting the Jeep all set up we finally, FINALLY, left Ohio and headed into Indiana. whew, seems like it has taken forever dreaming about this and we were actually somewhere new.  Headed to Goshen, Indiana and met up with Howard and Linda Payne of rvddreams. We attended their 2013 fall rally in Franklin, NC and knew that they were in Goshen hosting another rally which gave us the opportunity to get the rig weighed by them.  Well we weighed just fine, all good side to side and underweight so I really didn’t overload this coach.  We had a great time seeing Howard and Linda again and appreciate their friendship and  support.  Jim and Dee Walters joined us and we had a great dinner out.


Well after our meet up’s at the rally we explored Goshen and Elkhart. Elkhart has a great riverwalk and of course we had to stop at the rv museum.

1781893_10204168141896277_2786055719006371047_n 1901984_10204168116575644_4885683812699330455_n 10710728_10204168129695972_9098143134510613478_n 10615587_10204168122655796_5817236311021296453_n 10628457_10204168139216210_2185895113537899031_n

After leaving Goshen we drove south of Indianapolis to Franklin, Ind.  we found a cute little county park and stayed for a bit since it was close to a camping world and we needed to buy a new tow bar. Yep, we had our first mishap and the bar on the front of the jeep snapped when we were going around a corner, bending the tow bar that came with the motorhome.  No damage to the MH, the Jeep, or the bikes so I guess we were lucky.

10712776_10203996902895409_2788664805674447677_n 10628336_10204002508915556_3816065401954942703_n

Leaving there we headed to Dover, TN to Land Between the Lakes and that is where we are still currently at.  We really do love our spot here and our good friend Kyra is about 4 miles away boondocking at one of the neat places to camp.

10574363_10204168180977254_8275958839396799697_nour walk-in site, $16 electric only

10635910_10204072631108567_6594550868262207346_nday and night view from the dinette.   10678472_10204075160531801_6251724503956505528_n 10690186_10204090303190358_6892067975295424143_n 10696274_10204090305430414_3397238531738874427_nboondocking sites down every road, just beautiful…

10710836_10204116919095739_3859614536505531356_na rainy morning hanging out with Kyra and a few bloody marys….

10645091_10204092195397662_4942948905272996174_nanother boondocking site






Now just relaxing in this beautiful area enjoying the fall colors. Next week on to the Natchez Trace and on to Mississippi.  Thanks for following along.




Living the Dream? Full-Timer? Newbie? Nomad? Retiree? I wear many hats!


Today is Thursday Sept 4th, Day 12 of fulltiming!!!  So far so good, woot woot.

Above picture is after my maiden voyage, I drove the motorhome 3 hours from our home area to the Mohican Area of Ohio near Loudonville, Ohio.  I know I look all smiley there, and I was, but there were several times on the journey I’m sure I was biting my lip or thinking “what have I gotten us into” …


looking pretty brave before we left, lol


All set up for labor Day…


an outdoor office…


a state park pool (barely anyone there on a weekday)


And seating for two at our river site!!

Heading out Friday morning to a county park with no hook-ups for a little boondocking.  This will be our first test camping in the MH without electricity so we can test out the generator and see how the fridge runs on propane.  Will be getting the jeep set up for towing next week and then heading to Goshen, Ind to get the rig weighed by Howard and Linda Payne of RV-dreams and an appt. at Fox rv for an oil change. Then we will finally head south to the Nashville area and in Oct. pick up the Natchez Trace (a scenic drive from TN to Miss.


It’s really tough typing this in my outdoor office 🙂

Dan is doing great and enjoying everyday, it’s so good to see him enjoying himself. Walking and riding his bike in this environment is definitely nicer than riding that stationary bike in st. Charles hospital (although he misses all his wonderful nurses there)  Day at a time is working for us. We are really blessed and excited to take this journey together.

I’ve never been a big “hat girl” but I’m getting my “gypsie soul” on….

One of many hats I hope to accumulate along the way!!


Thanks for following along, we would love to meet up with others along the way!!




Hockey Playoffs and a Leap of Faith

           Quote:   “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” – Wayne Gretzky

In our area it’s hockey playoff time and while I am way more interested in my Detroit Tigers baseball you gotta watch the playoffs when your Redwings are playing your daughter’s beloved Bruins.  Of course her team won and is moving on in the playoffs and my Tigers are kicking butt so all is good here in the Midwest.

I remember watching it snow as I stood in front of the window in Dan’s hospital room two and a half months ago, praying he would be ok, wondering if our dream was gone…

Weeks after that, snowed in at home, just taking care of Dan…..restful, quiet, and calm…

Then getting him out everyday to walk, usually in a store due to cold weather.  Later in Cardio Rehab watching him walk on a treadmill just about made me cry, whew, have we really come this far??

He looks so good today!!  Just amazing.

Bought a 35ft class A motorhome – pick it up on May 20th – Don’t even know where we’ll keep it yet – lease on this condo is up in Oct – Dan can’t drive yet but I did the test drive – The dream is on…..

OMG – I’M TAKING THAT SHOT, thanks Gretzky….


Our 2005 Monaco Monarch – I’m not always sure where I’m going, I just know I gotta go..




adios for now…

My bluehost is expiring and I just don’t have the time or energy to blog at this time.  thanks for all your warm wishes and kind comments.  See ya down the road, Kris

email:  harpercreekcreations@aol.com

fb:  Kristina Jo Hassan-jackson

Prayers do move mountains

Update on Dan: Surgery went well. It was a triple bypass and they also repaired his mitral valve. This morning (tues) he is resting comfortably and the breathing tube is out.  His heart has been damaged from several heart attacks and is pumping at 20%. Dan is a strong guy with a lot of life in him and we’ve already seen great improvements since all this happened a week ago.  Thank you so much for all of your prayers and kind words, we are truly blessed and appreciate all of you.

Florida Trip: When I went to Fla. in late Jan. it was to purchase a bluebird wantderlodge which was Dan’s dream coach. After purchase I was taking it to an rv park for a few wks, then taking it to a boondocking rally before putting it in storage until Easter.  Dan had a week off work at Easter and we planned to bring the coach home to Ohio.  Dan had 18 mos until retirement and we would have plenty of time to get to know the coach and prepare for full timing.  Well the deal on the coach fell through (things happen for a reason) and I stayed in Fla for a few weeks.  I rented a small rv  for three weeks and joined up with some friends boondocking their way through Fla and also attended the Rv – dreams boondocking rally. I Returned the rental rv on Monday morning and headed home, I got the phone call about Dan 2 to 3 hrs into my drive home.

Arrival at the hospital:  When I got to the hospital on Tues Dan was sedated and on a respirator, things didn’t look good.  Wed morning we found out he had pnemonia and they would not be doing open heart surgery anytime soon but later that night he started to come around and his fever was down. By Thurs morning he was breathing on his own, the respirator tube was removed, he was able to sip water. Thurs just continued with great improvement ending with Dan sitting in a chair and the two of us playing a game of cards around 10pm.  Dan was still weak and needed assistance to walk to bathroom but his improvement in just a short amount of time was amazing.  Friday morning brought news that open heart surgery was now scheduled for monday morning.


The above picture was taken Sat. afternoon and will forever be one of my favorites.  Just to think how far things had changed from Tuesday evening to when this pic was taken is just proof of the power of prayer.

The Dream:  Dan and I talked Sat. night about our full timing plans and they are still on.  Things may be written in jello and be a bit different than we had planned but we’ll adjust. I reminded him that I am now proficient at dumping tanks since my Florida experience (he loved that idea) and  we’ll figure it out.

Thank you all so much again for sharing/praying on this journey. We have a lot of recovery/healing to do now and we are so grateful for every day.

Home from Florida….please pray for Dan

As I headed out on my 22 hr drive home from florida on monday 2/17 I got a call that my husband Dan had been taken to the hospital after suffering a major heart attack.  The drive seemed more like it went on for days as Drs would call and make me pull over so they could talk to me and get permission to do things as Dan was in critical condition, sedated, and on a respirator.  I can not thank all of my rv friends who prayed and supported me through those awful days. After getting to the hospital late tues (he also now had pnemonia), things started to improve Wed afternoon. By Thurs evening Dan was breathing on his own and the respirator and feeding tubes were removed.  Today he is doing amazing (although weak) and open heart surgery is tomorrow morning.  Please keep him in your prayers, thank you, Kris