The Blue Lady

12062We were sitting at a tiki lounge,  listening to live music. I’ve always been a people watcher (especially at airports). I saw her walk in.  She had the biggest smile,  I knew she was cool.  Cowboy hat,  funky style clothing,  that feeling you get thinking sisters from different mother’s.  Later I wound up talking to her for a bit and asked her what was  her hatband that was on her cowboy hat.  It was rattlesnake bones… no shit, rattler and all.  She killed the rattler herself,  skinned it and then buried the bones.  Let the bugs in the ground eat away at the meat and then she dug it up and made the coolest hatband I’ve ever laid eyes on. I told her I loved the story and I had a blog.  Asked permission to share and she even posed for a picture.  Then as an afterthought,  I asked if there was anything else I should include in the rattlesnake story.  She laughed and said hell yes, make sure you say I’m single…. and looking.  I loved her ❤ this is the best part of traveling.