Franklin, NC

20160815_202311in early April we arrived in Franklin, Nc where we decided we wanted to spend most of the summer. The decision to do this was two part, one, we wanted to look for a piece of property and two I wasn’t feeling well and wanted to just chill for summer. I really hated to cancel our plans to go to upper Michigan this summer but I was just beat. That’s one of the reasons we decided to do this, we move when we feel like it and plans are only tentative. We’ve found our style of full timing and it doesn’t include rushing around lol. A month here and a month there is just fine with us. Our winter includes 2 months in Destin, one month in ocala, and then 2 months in crescent city (a new spot for us this year).

When we got to Franklin, nc we kind of fell in love with the mountains. It’s very non touristy here, small town vibe, and Appalachian trail town. Although this summer has been hotter here than we expected the low humidity really helps Dan.  We were very lucky and found a private rv site to rent and it’s beautiful. At this time we have decided to buy a small home here as a home base and we’ll have a place for the motor home. While we love moving around and the motor home is easy to live in, having doctors, dentists, and having a legal address has become an issue.

So Aug 25 we celebrated 2 years as full timers and we’ll continue until next April when we’ll return here to Franklin to set up our part time home. We’re excited about this new phase of part timers and think it will be a better fit for us.  I’m excited to look at Dan at the end of next March and say “let’s go home”…thanks for following along, here are some pics from Franklin 



Our pool/view


Along the ride up to highlands




View from fontana dam




View from wayah bald




Never get tired of this view


Dry falls