Some days you just have to wing it…

Today started out to just be an errand day but at each stop we kept striking out. By that time it was 2:00 and too late to try and get to one of the area springs to watch the manatees so we were kind of suggesting things to each other…

Now I love unusual weird places but Dan…not so much. So I decided we were going to what I called funkytown (not it’s real name, but I didn’t want to give it away). So after getting “the look”from Dan, and putting the address in the GPS, we headed to Gainesville.

I’m pretty sure when we pulled into Satchel’s pizza he had even more doubts but quickly warmed up to the place. A friend in the MH park had posted pics of this place and then when I googled it it was on a list of top 10 pizza places in the US, well hell, I’m in.

When you approach the front of the restaurant there is a great beat up graffiti van that is the most coveted seat on the property. The guys occupying it let me photograph them and even offered to let us join them but there was to much more to see…

Of course I don’t care for wind chimes but one made of hub caps is just too cool, and who doesn’t have a wall of cds

Not a lot of parking and weekends can easily be an hour wait, even if you fly in12733656_10207411702223258_3828804732002499350_n

Water features that are artsy or crazy, depending on your “eye”12743740_10207411701503240_1126065178971214859_n

Even a place to make your pose12745926_10207411700743221_3824797288387331807_n

Of course it was time eat and satchel did not disappoint

When they bring the viewmaster it’s for real and is their desert menu, all homemade.12728888_10207411706263359_3253135784539856646_n

Hope you enjoyed our visit to funky town, . Or it’s real name of Satchel’s Pizza in Gainesville. Before we left I got a big grin out of Dan and a “well, you really hit it out of the park with this one” woot woot, hippy high five 😉 peace out!!

2 thoughts on “Some days you just have to wing it…

  1. Now how in the world did we miss this place as many times as we have stayed close to Gainesville and where did you find out about it? Thanks for the tip and the pictures.

  2. Thanks for updating. You do such a good job with the blog. I am realizing that it is not easy to stay current and I am falling behind as well. I like to watch your eastern tours because we will be doing the east one of these days.

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