Time for a new Coach…..

After leaving Destin, Fl we headed for Carrabelle, Fla.  There we stayed at Ho Hum RV Park and it was anything but Ho Hum.  Aside from having a gulf front site, watching dolphin from our front window,  and bears in the park at night, we had a 10 ft alligator swim up onto the beach.  The next morning he was discovered under one of the rigs which was exciting, well, not so much for that rig’s owner…

Our Site…



While there we also visited Wakulla Springs state park to take their nature boat ride


great ride watching gators, annahinga, and we were lucky enough to see several huge manatee




Then we moved on to Cedar Key, Fla

We only had one night to stay there but will definitely go back to the tiki bar



At that point we headed for Tampa….We had a plan.  We decided we wanted a newer, bigger coach so we were on our way to Lazydays Deaership .  Well things took a bit longer there that we had planned but we got our coach and had a great time during our 5 weeks there…

First off our friends George and Diane were in the area and we got to meet up for some Casino fun!!


Then we headed to st Petes Beach to visit with the Bridges



Good to see some Millbury faces!!!

We also got in a Detroit red wings playoff game


The Bolts arena is pretty amazing…

Lazyday’s Crown club pool was very nice …


Our time at Lazydays Tampa was fun, while waiting for our coach we met so many great couples and will be completely disappointed if we don’t see them somewhere down the road.

And yes, the new coach is fantastic


Our 2012 40 foot Tiffin Phaeton.  14k miles with 4 slides.  We love the extra room, the stackable washer and dryer, and the residential refrigerator.


no more Laundromats ..


and Dan’s outside tv




Well that got me caught up to May…..I’ll have to do another post on our trip up the east coast, I’ll just say tonight we sitting here (pictured below) on lake Norman in North Carolina and it’s pretty sweet. Thanks for following along…


Next up, our stops in Jekyll island, Savannah, Charleston, Myrtle Beach, Topsail Island, and where we are today, Lake Norman , NC

17 thoughts on “Time for a new Coach…..

  1. Sounds like a wonderful life!! Happy trails to you. Perhaps you will come to the West Coast. It would be great to have all the gang together again for a visit! Gina and Kyra are on the West coast – hopefully they will winter in the SW again. See You down The Road!

  2. How exciting….rig is beautiful. For a,Vlaa A Tiffin is the berries. Glad you are in a good spot…enjoy the east coast!

  3. Thanks for the update. We love following your travels and are taking mental notes to use when our adventure begins. Happy travels and see you this fall somewhere warm.

  4. Congrats on the new rig, I’m sure you will love it. And lucky you only having to stay 5 weeks at Lazy Days, we spent 5 months LOL!! The Crown Club does get old after a while. You will also love the areas you mentioned, I know we did.

    • Thanks Dave, we are so over the moon with the new rig. It did great through the mountains coming north. Everyone kept kidding us about being there 5 weeks but I kept telling them I knew for a fact that we weren’t even close to the record, lol. We did meet some great people and had fun. After following your blog I just stuck to my guns about everything and feel like the whole experience was actually pretty good, they definitely have a great selection. Dan still has his eye on the 45ft tag bus but I’m gonna try and hold him off for 3 years 🙂 I love my Phaeton. It will be interesting to stop in red bay this fall on our way south, will be another first…

  5. So glad your home on wheels is working out for you 2. I hope our machine did you well. If we ever cross paths I would love seeing your new rig. Darrell & Sharon

    • Hey Darrell, yes, the Monaco did us very well, it ran like a champ. After 7 mos. of life on the road we decided we need a bit more room and wanted a washer and dryer. A super nice couple bought the Monaco while we were at lazydays. . hell it sold before we were even moved out of it, lol. we will be in ohio for a few weeks in june, maybe we can get together??

  6. We met yesterday at the Tampa RV Supershow. Your blog is great. I’m sad you’re not keeping it up. I was better in the beginning- it’s the lack of fast wifi that gets me down. I’d love to see how your journey to Franklin turns out. We’d love to stop by your land and park for a week or three!
    I see we’ve followed some same travelers: the Lowe’s have had an amazing journey; Ingrid of Live Laugh RV, the famous Wheelin it. I can only dream of such great adventures and then blog it!
    Hope to meet up again! Oh, are you in RVillage?
    And your FaceBook link isn’t working on here. We also have a FaceBook page connected to our blog.

    • thanks Debbie, good to hear from you. I am going to work on the blog soon, I lost interest but Dan says if I get it caught up he’ll take over :). I’ll update again after our Franklin visit and also fix the fb link, I think I know what’s wrong…If we get things set up in NC we’d love for you to visit, I’m just not sure how fast it will happen. At this point we are just “window shopping” lol. I’ll definitely check out your blog and now we can keep in touch!!

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