Destin, Florida….Our winter home


Spending the winter on the beautiful sugar sand beaches of the Emerald Coast was the best choice we’ve made yet.  I found this place online and booked it sight unseen except for their website….paradise found!!. After 3 1/2 mos rolling along camping in the woods and state parks it was time to just stay put.  A few pictures of our home from Dec 1st to Mar 7th….

10641030_10204459710185302_8696319527509506483_nOur first site (December)

10636311_10204459710505310_6408136382808026750_n4 sites from the water

10917843_10204781257303779_7877568599618731643_nWe then moved to the waterfront site for Jan and Feb…nice view?? This resort is right on the intercoastal and is run by the ramada resort across the street. We have full amenities at the Ramada including pools, hot tub, gym, beach, and room service.  We do have a pool right behind us here at the resort and it’s wonderfully warm!!

10917316_10204781258663813_4366862519212798881_nView from the door of the Motorhome

1610861_10204762933645699_4220812443727342359_nEnjoying the beach across the street. Most evenings we go over to the pier for sunsets, a few of those pictures to follow…

1798607_10204556766011637_453182042912855859_nChristmas with no snow….psst, glorious!!

1509967_10204480917395469_8069808825411596130_nDancing in the surf, releasing all the negative toxins from the last year and feeling SO blessed to be here…

10845896_10204480200097537_6051848109104020718_nDan soaking up some sun10384512_10204817721455360_8127306627968098457_nSALT LIFE – DAN IS GETTING HIS OLD SALT LOOK ON…”Son of a son of a sailor”….singing it, lol10423302_10204552654708857_6114037894399521081_nof course in Dec we saw our first ever boat parade, so cool10868297_10204552655028865_8803372247647523115_n10805719_10204552653788834_5105878155294756555_nfollowed by fireworks over the water…522094_10204488163416615_7616743205144339995_nHave I mentioned the Food?? Fish tacos….

New years day we bought 2.5 lbs of fresh snow crab and 4 lobster tails ($40 total) at the market, they cook them up for you and package them up hot…home to eat seafood and watch football, wink, living the life…10405621_10204691859388887_739713395590486287_n10882195_10204679525960559_5310907503911251321_n10931319_10204860161276329_1361762847664412803_nan evening pic I took on hwy 30A, says a lot to me…

10917128_10204856023292882_6154102630433156256_nWe are actually in Fort Walton Beach, just west of Destin. This beach is the Gulf national seashore, just beautiful, hard to find beach areas that aren’t overbuilt. That’s the pier we view sunset from and the motorhome is just near that watertower.  The sand here looks like snow but it’ll like walking in powdered sugar.

A few of my sunset shots and hopefully a few more to come, we are here til march and then heading to my daughters on Topsail Island in NC….1502570_10204481061839080_4757529692985344263_n1507208_10204868739970791_6755232889886846036_n1601539_10204766844103458_8963556778644584951_n10362841_10204836135355696_4707826680496212490_n10406470_10204481062039085_2054669908379325511_n10906548_10204836150076064_3109266145525267764_n10926369_10204766844143459_3691687913621041877_n10429413_10204780551446133_6137293660118087896_nWe think this is our spring route….plans are written in jello…but we would like to stop in st Augustine, Amelia Island, Jeckyl Island, Savanna and Charleston on the way to Surf City,NC. Day at a time, counting our blessings, it’s been a great 5 months since we left home…

Feel free to leave us a comment, even if you hate us…….lol, we love hearing from y’all….:)

12 thoughts on “Destin, Florida….Our winter home

  1. Wonderful post…I feel and see your happiness especially after 2014! Nice route planned…Jerry keeps wanting to go that way. NICE PARK!!

  2. Thanks for sharing your joy. Looks like a wonderful spot, great food, great sunsets. How are the temperatures? I’ve always wanted to spend a winter on that northern Florida coast but had heard it was too cold.

  3. My wife is from Fort Walton (we met when I was stationed at Eglin) and her family lives there. We were just there at Christmas for a couple of weeks. Our house will go on the market this spring and we plan on full-timing with probably half the time in the Fort Walton/Pensacola area. For a good lunch seafood place try Stewby’s on Racetrack Road, which is my in-laws’s favorite seafood place in Fort Walton (really enjoyed their fried shrimp and oysters).

  4. Sorry missed meet up…between visitors, flu both of us tome is up. Now family in ER and weighing what to do. Set for slow move N tomorrow, now, who knows. Tough when the home goes with you and blistering snow back home. Keep that blog updated…hope all well with u.

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