Living the Dream? Full-Timer? Newbie? Nomad? Retiree? I wear many hats!


Today is Thursday Sept 4th, Day 12 of fulltiming!!!  So far so good, woot woot.

Above picture is after my maiden voyage, I drove the motorhome 3 hours from our home area to the Mohican Area of Ohio near Loudonville, Ohio.  I know I look all smiley there, and I was, but there were several times on the journey I’m sure I was biting my lip or thinking “what have I gotten us into” …


looking pretty brave before we left, lol


All set up for labor Day…


an outdoor office…


a state park pool (barely anyone there on a weekday)


And seating for two at our river site!!

Heading out Friday morning to a county park with no hook-ups for a little boondocking.  This will be our first test camping in the MH without electricity so we can test out the generator and see how the fridge runs on propane.  Will be getting the jeep set up for towing next week and then heading to Goshen, Ind to get the rig weighed by Howard and Linda Payne of RV-dreams and an appt. at Fox rv for an oil change. Then we will finally head south to the Nashville area and in Oct. pick up the Natchez Trace (a scenic drive from TN to Miss.


It’s really tough typing this in my outdoor office 🙂

Dan is doing great and enjoying everyday, it’s so good to see him enjoying himself. Walking and riding his bike in this environment is definitely nicer than riding that stationary bike in st. Charles hospital (although he misses all his wonderful nurses there)  Day at a time is working for us. We are really blessed and excited to take this journey together.

I’ve never been a big “hat girl” but I’m getting my “gypsie soul” on….

One of many hats I hope to accumulate along the way!!


Thanks for following along, we would love to meet up with others along the way!!




6 thoughts on “Living the Dream? Full-Timer? Newbie? Nomad? Retiree? I wear many hats!

  1. Congrats on finally getting on the road. I know it’s been a very difficult time and hopefully it’s smooth sailing from now on. We’ll be in TX Nov, Dec, and Jan so if you’re in the area let me know 🙂

  2. Congratulations! Good to hear Dan is progressing along. It is great to see you out on the road, enjoying your dream, after the “detour”! Hope we see you along the road again. The “story” on all the problems with the BB you passed on is looooong! You are so lucky you passed on it!

    • Thanks Mel, things happen for a reason. My trip to fla really paid off with having the rental and having to learn to do it myself. Now we share all the chores and are having soooooo much fun. Sorry to hear that the BB turned out to be such a mess for the new owner. Excited to see your BB, if we get close we have to meet up someday.

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