Prayers do move mountains

Update on Dan: Surgery went well. It was a triple bypass and they also repaired his mitral valve. This morning (tues) he is resting comfortably and the breathing tube is out.  His heart has been damaged from several heart attacks and is pumping at 20%. Dan is a strong guy with a lot of life in him and we’ve already seen great improvements since all this happened a week ago.  Thank you so much for all of your prayers and kind words, we are truly blessed and appreciate all of you.

Florida Trip: When I went to Fla. in late Jan. it was to purchase a bluebird wantderlodge which was Dan’s dream coach. After purchase I was taking it to an rv park for a few wks, then taking it to a boondocking rally before putting it in storage until Easter.  Dan had a week off work at Easter and we planned to bring the coach home to Ohio.  Dan had 18 mos until retirement and we would have plenty of time to get to know the coach and prepare for full timing.  Well the deal on the coach fell through (things happen for a reason) and I stayed in Fla for a few weeks.  I rented a small rv  for three weeks and joined up with some friends boondocking their way through Fla and also attended the Rv – dreams boondocking rally. I Returned the rental rv on Monday morning and headed home, I got the phone call about Dan 2 to 3 hrs into my drive home.

Arrival at the hospital:  When I got to the hospital on Tues Dan was sedated and on a respirator, things didn’t look good.  Wed morning we found out he had pnemonia and they would not be doing open heart surgery anytime soon but later that night he started to come around and his fever was down. By Thurs morning he was breathing on his own, the respirator tube was removed, he was able to sip water. Thurs just continued with great improvement ending with Dan sitting in a chair and the two of us playing a game of cards around 10pm.  Dan was still weak and needed assistance to walk to bathroom but his improvement in just a short amount of time was amazing.  Friday morning brought news that open heart surgery was now scheduled for monday morning.


The above picture was taken Sat. afternoon and will forever be one of my favorites.  Just to think how far things had changed from Tuesday evening to when this pic was taken is just proof of the power of prayer.

The Dream:  Dan and I talked Sat. night about our full timing plans and they are still on.  Things may be written in jello and be a bit different than we had planned but we’ll adjust. I reminded him that I am now proficient at dumping tanks since my Florida experience (he loved that idea) and  we’ll figure it out.

Thank you all so much again for sharing/praying on this journey. We have a lot of recovery/healing to do now and we are so grateful for every day.

10 thoughts on “Prayers do move mountains

  1. Kris: Just saw this. So glad all is progressing well. Charlene and I are praying daily for Dan’s speedy recovery. At Boondocking rally you were talking to me about your full timing wishes. When Dan is well, go for it! You and the Hanskas have Charlene and I looking for Wanderlodges too! Keep the faith!

    • thanks Mel and Charlene, I knew you got the bluebird bug, lol…..there are some great ones out there. My guess is we’ll be looking for something a bit smaller with less upkeep for me but that’s fine. it’s a day at a time right now and I know things will work out. Kris

    • He is doing well, still weak but up to walking for about 20 min a day. I think if the weather here ever breaks and we can get outside, he’ll feel even better. they are still adjusting the meds and in a few weeks he should be able to do some cardio rehab. 🙂

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