Home from Florida….please pray for Dan

As I headed out on my 22 hr drive home from florida on monday 2/17 I got a call that my husband Dan had been taken to the hospital after suffering a major heart attack.  The drive seemed more like it went on for days as Drs would call and make me pull over so they could talk to me and get permission to do things as Dan was in critical condition, sedated, and on a respirator.  I can not thank all of my rv friends who prayed and supported me through those awful days. After getting to the hospital late tues (he also now had pnemonia), things started to improve Wed afternoon. By Thurs evening Dan was breathing on his own and the respirator and feeding tubes were removed.  Today he is doing amazing (although weak) and open heart surgery is tomorrow morning.  Please keep him in your prayers, thank you, Kris

4 thoughts on “Home from Florida….please pray for Dan

  1. So sorry to hear about Dan..sending healing thoughts..May the surgery go well and the road to recovery be one with very few bumps along the way..

  2. Prayers coming your way….so tough being so far away. Glad you made it home safety, he’s stronger and off the tubes. May surgery bring him back strength and speedy healing….hugs!

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