is there a blogger in me?

Writing and blogging just don’t come naturally for me.  I’m more the speaker than the scribe…

I can tell you a great story but I can’t write it down. It loses something. You can’t see my hand expressions, my eyes grow bigger or hear my laughter or feel my frustration.

When I attempt to do a new post it feels lame when I reread it.  It doesn’t feel like me.

Maybe I should just post pictures, or better yet, a cartoon, lol, cept I hate cartoons. Didn’t even like them as a kid.  I also hate movies, can’t sit still that long and I prefer books which is totally backwards if you understand my problem with writing.  Maybe that’s it, i’m ironic although I really am sarcastic so now I’ve written myself into some kind of “needing therapy” blogger.  Shit, see what happens when I attempt to write.  🙂


10 thoughts on “is there a blogger in me?

  1. Oh don’t give up…I sometimes get struck and re-reads make me wonder why I even attempt blogging, but its so nice to be able to go back and read how far our journey has come and sure made some sweet friendships!

  2. Ah, you’re not alone. Just keep trying….some days it’ll work and others, well…..there’s always delete. BUT please, don’t give up even if your posts are short. 🙂

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