is there a blogger in me?

Writing and blogging just don’t come naturally for me.  I’m more the speaker than the scribe…

I can tell you a great story but I can’t write it down. It loses something. You can’t see my hand expressions, my eyes grow bigger or hear my laughter or feel my frustration.

When I attempt to do a new post it feels lame when I reread it.  It doesn’t feel like me.

Maybe I should just post pictures, or better yet, a cartoon, lol, cept I hate cartoons. Didn’t even like them as a kid.  I also hate movies, can’t sit still that long and I prefer books which is totally backwards if you understand my problem with writing.  Maybe that’s it, i’m ironic although I really am sarcastic so now I’ve written myself into some kind of “needing therapy” blogger.  Shit, see what happens when I attempt to write.  🙂