The house is sold and Campground review

Well 14 days on the market and the house sold.  Wow, didn’t expect that.

So we are on to the next step towards our quest to be full timers. Dan still has 18 – 24 mos before retirement so we have rented a condo for the next 12 mos.  I guess you could call this phase one of the downsizing. Although the condo is spacious we have sold or given away about half of our stuff.  This winter in the condo will give us some more time to go through things that we didn’t get to yet, such as pictures, paperwork, and christmas stuff.

We hope to buy the motorhome next spring and are going to take our time looking, now that the sale is over   It was fun looking at all the new motorhomes while we were dreaming about this but now that it is actual spending money time we are going to not rush and hope to find the “almost perfect” used one that is waiting for us.


I think this is one of my favorite campgrounds around here.  It is actually a county park, no hookups but each of the 24 sites have a picnic table and a fire pit. I almost didn’t post about this great little out of the way place because it’s NEVER crowded. As usual there were three tent campers there upon our arrival so our group basically doubled the occupancy and that was it for the rest of the weekend.  The first section, as you enter the park has 8 sites that are spacious and without trees (sorry, no pic), perfect for large MH’s and 5’ers.  The second section (where we were) has a few trees on the sites for shade, and the spots are a bit smaller but great for a group outing.  The last section (around the open field) is a nice mix of both types of spots and also provides a great turn around.  No showers and only pit toilets, cost is $15 a night, no discounts. If you like secluded and quiet, campfires and great stargazing, check it out.

1004692_10201120340063136_525779939_nThree sites across from us

999092_10201120337743078_523165929_nOur three spots.

1157637_10201120343703227_133440345_nAt the end of the lane there is a large field with an additional 8 campsites around it. Note two tent campers…..not at all on top of each other.

1185985_10201120353783479_448301534_nMy friend Tom hiking one of the trails.

1170852_10201120362143688_831855167_nJust a short distance away from the park is this great ole covered bridge.

1174657_10201120365583774_1859145373_nhummmm….I think there is a geocache  somewhere in here.

1157492_10201120381424170_824748500_nYeah!!  Shelly found her first geocache ever, welcome to the club!!

Well back to packing but did enjoy the break and a visit from the oldest three grandkids, love you guys. 1146496_10201120586189289_31115947_n

Looking forward to visiting Mohican Wilderness Campground and Mohican State park in just a few weeks, can’t let all this moving get in the way, I’ll unpack when it’s snowing right??

993992_10201121698537097_1221573083_nparked for awhile…:(