Just dropped off for a while…

Well first off I’m still here.  Just been busy distracted lazy or maybe aloof.  hummmm. doing much better now, can’t believe I haven’t updated this blog in 71 days (yep I counted them out on calendar just now).  Yep, I’m fine, Dan’s fine, everyone’s fine (now anyways). So here is my 71 day update:

May: Our busiest month, yard work….what happened, I used to love planting the flowers and vegetable garden and then the excitement of opening the pool. Not so much any more, so ready to leave and hit the road, sigh, but slow down, think differently…enjoy it, realize this might be the last tomato plant you ever raise, savor it, enjoy each day. Ok, I’m trying. Love love straw bale gardening, no work, easypeasy way to plant, and NO weeding!!1006240_10200872342503352_1254880363_n

Then Mother’s Day, Dan took me out to the ballgame. Love my tigers and of course Cabrerra, Fielder, and Dirks all hit homeruns, was a great day.1003452_10200872355423675_1973748241_n

Memorial day, camping…found this ole MH and just had to have a pic 960075_10200613306107604_1080069652_n

June:  I’m off to NC for a few weeks. My daughter had to have surgery and I wanted to be with her. Surgery went well and she is doing great.  While I was there they had a sea turtle release from the sea turtle rescue hospital where she volunteers. Here a a few pics:1000082_10200872360703807_1132626385_n934958_10200872416905212_248097660_n1005618_10200872424185394_1406279768_n968830_10200872433105617_305456434_nPretty neat day spent with Jack and his aunt Lisa. Jack goes to the sea turtle hospital with Lisa and is offically their youngest volunteer. http://www.seaturtlehospital.org/

Back home, 1500 mile road trip. a bit tired but so happy to have spent time with my daughter.

1045226_10200849643495891_1620342597_nBailey missed snuggling with mom…

Had a great evening meeting up with full timers Jim and Dee.  They were passing through our area and camping not far from us.  Went to dinner at Packo’s, a Toledo favorite made famous by Jamie Farr (Klinger) on the tv series Mash. Note the signed hot dog buns on walls, autographed by  just about every famous person you can imagine..1000460_10200872591229570_803994393_n1000147_10200872455786184_914885001_nYou can follow Dee and Jim’s travels at http://tumbleweed-jimdee.blogspot.com/ Was so great to meet up with them, they are just so nice.


Well the first was my bday, 38th (cough, cough, ok…really..58 geeze..) and then the fourth was quiet due to Dan working but we did get to see the youngest granddaughter Delaney, did I mention she likes ice cream??1044853_10200864365863941_1223677671_n

Wow, I did it, blog caught up….whew.  Now for the current news (drum roll please).  We are meeting with the realtor tonight to put the house up for sale.  Still MH shopping but one thing at a time….anyone need a brick ranch with pool???944706_10200872617470226_564757336_n

11 thoughts on “Just dropped off for a while…

  1. Kristina, I loved reading your blog today. I do know what it’s like to look at things differently when you’re about to full time. I remember going into a Best Buy to get our first (of three so far) GPS systems. For just a moment I looked at a large stainless steel fridge and started to drool over it. Then I remembered that I will most likely NEVER need to have one of those again! It changes you, when you realize that you won’t have to worry about mowing the lawn, or trimming hedges or anything like that again. You begin to revel in it! While you may not ever grow a tomato plant again after this year, you will find great tomatoes at farmers markets! And there truly is NO WEEDING ever again!

    • Thanks Kim, I haven’t shopped for anything but groceries in so long it’s crazy. It just doesn’t seem right. I’m hoping I find a buyer who wants a garden that comes with a house, lol. btw, maybe my stainless steel french door fridge will be the selling point too (although neat, i’ve learned to hate it….it’s been a lemon)

  2. Exciting but exhausting times. Hope you’re ready for that house to sell. We’re on day ten of full-time and I keep thinking we need to get back because of weeds….lol. Soon you’ll be a member of the club 🙂 Thanks for bringing us up to date.

  3. It’s great seeing a blog again. We’ve thought of you many times since we’ve met. Keep the dream, and hopefully we’ll meet again “on the road”.

  4. Wow,,, I have almost forgotten what mowing a lawn or better yet weeding was like. Good luck with the sale of your home. It can be challenging but just look at it like part of the journey and enjoy what you can of it.

    • Thanks Dave, I’m not gonna miss the john deere tractor at all. Another week or two of finishing up staging and a few repairs and we are going to take a break. I think there will be some swim days and a wkend camping trip. If my tomato plants hurry up I hope some BLT’s also…Thanks for stopping by. We’ve been following you closely lately, we will be going to fall rvdreams rally and have some extra days to explore where your at either before or after rally so I’m taking notes, lol

  5. You all make me think we are taking a backward step!! lol We’ve been homeless for 7 1/2 years now and I’m longing to grow a tomato plant and pull a weed! Best of luck with your plans, Kris. I hope it all goes smoothly for you. Lots of adventures ahead!

    • Carol, having a garden is probably the one thing I will miss. I hope when you find that perfect place you try the straw bale gardening, that desire to “pull weeds” gets really old after a while, lol. Taking a backward step in all your adventures would be more adventure than I’m having here….;)

      • Yes, you’ve got the difficult part coming up – what to take, what to store, what to throw and why isn’t somebody buying my house? I hope it goes smoothly for you. Once there, however, the adventure will begin so you’ll always have that light at the end of the tunnel. And I now realize that that half an acre of landscaped English country garden (sigh) would be a real ball and chain. Left to its own devices for just two weeks in the summer, it turned into a jungle. So . . . what next for both of us?

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