Some RV window shopping and more downsizing


Saw a sweet 35 footer today at Bass Pro’s RV show. Dan is completely surprised (and happy) that I’m starting to come around to a Class A over a Class C.   The more we look the more I really like the panoramic view you get in a class A front seats and the basement storage  in class C’s just doesn’t even come close to the storage in a class A.  At this point we are keeping our options open and will keep looking.  There are so many different things to consider when you are going full time verses just vacationing in these.  I am so glad that the last year we found so many full time blogs to follow, along with the chat rooms, and the up coming fall rally.  I really can’t stress enough what a difference these have made and how many mistakes they may have helped us avoid (I’m sure we will still make plenty) but we are grateful we have these resources.

Sample: Today when we were looking at RV’s I have been thinking all along that a regular (propane) oven was on my must have list vs a microwave/convection combo oven. Many rv’s only have this combo.  In the chat I asked about this and it was pointed out that if you are boondocking or drycamping you would might want to use the propane oven verses running the generator or running down your solar batteries with the convection oven. They’re right, I want to keep that as a must have option.  Thanks guys!  Again, just one of many things they have helped us through in this process.

So the list goes on, solar, batteries, inverters, BLM maps, boondocking, CCCW, toads, to name a few….Sometimes I feel like we are learning a whole new language that is only truly understood by this nomad group of full timers who love sharing anything you would like info about. Way too cool!

Well here is tomorrow’s project, how embarrassing can a messy garage be…geeze.  There is a 1964 Ford engine behind the incomplete dresser and I don’t think any rv basement storage can handle this.


my first blog pics!!!  🙂

16 thoughts on “Some RV window shopping and more downsizing

  1. Having lived in a 31 vintage Airstream for the past year and a half, may I just state that you will LOVE a class A! The thought of basement storage makes me drool!

    • We have a 25 ft travel trailer right now, if house sells quickly we may be living in that for a short time. I had an airstream back in the 80’s and loved it, they are so cool but your right, not much storage in the TT’s. It’s taken a while to narrow down exactly what we wanted for full timing but I think we are there now. Next is looking for a gently used one, new is great but there are a lot of good deals out there so we’ll explore that first. Selling our TT will probably be harder on me than selling the house, we’ve had such good times with it and it was fun to redecorate it and make it ours. It’s so stinking cute, lol
      Thanks for stopping by. Kris

    • Thanks for the validation. I love blog posts that are about how they organize and store stuff so I really do consider every space available in each MH. As much as I would like to think I could achieve the “smaller footprint” of a class c I have to admit, not gonna happen. sigh..Kris

  2. I can sense your excitement and fun reading so many posts of being in the same place as you. We’re petty close to our take off and what a journey….been good, been a challenge, and a few times seems like a nightmare and will never come together. We want no regrets later…if we don’t take the chance it will never happen. Maybe we’ll see you on the road…we’ll be the ones in the tiny Casita for the time being.

    • It’s good to see you are in the home stretch (and yes we are still in the “challenge/nightmare stage) and it’s good to follow along with you. Won’t be long until your out there with that big back yard and NO house and lawn maintenance. Oh the places we’ll all go!! Will watch for the Casita, we are still MH shopping, if the house sells we may be in our little travel trailer for a while but that’s fine. Good luck and hope to meet up with you both somewhere out there! Kris

  3. Oh, I think the motor home would take the old engine in a storage bay, but the dresser is definitely out. Don’t you think the engine would make a great hobby on the road? : ) Just kidding! Good luck on sorting through things. I’m back at my storage unit now, trying to get rid of what I didn’t have time to deal with first time around. Given the cost of a MH, you might consider TT’ing it for a year and scouting for a used MH while the roadworthy belongings are held in a storage unit somewhere. Take some of the pressure off, maybe. Just a thought. Good luck!

    • Doug, love the idea of taking the engine. great hobby, we could possibly make it into some type of grill or smoker, lol. I will soon update blog, pressure got a bit worse but something happened that took me away from all this downsizing and gave me time to reflect. Pressure is off, as hard as I try to rush things, life sometimes gets in the way. This will happen, probably just not as quick as I would like but I’m not letting the delays deter my dream. Thanks for the encouragement and good luck with that storage unit. Kris

  4. I can relate. It took us three years to shop and shop around until we found the one we think we can live on. And yes our Tour (Betsy) is almost perfect.

    I can also relate with what you are going through. I ‘ve been there and now that im out of the purging tasks, I’m or we are happy as can be with just a house in our back.
    Take it easy and slowly…

    • Congrats!!!! I hope we can look back someday and have those feelings also. We had a slight setback but things are back on track now that I’m home again. Slowly catching up, will update blog soon, and I have to say that things are going slower but easier. I keep going back to that saying “man makes plans, god laughs”….all in due time, we will get there. K

    • Hey Lady, yes, I’m here, back from sometime in NC with my daughter. Still trying to catch up with myself, blogs, yard…ugh.. No new rv yet, but have narrowed it down. wow, your back from overseas, seriously, in KY now?? culture shock??lol.
      I had to take sometime to myself, my daughter had a melanoma on her leg, surgery went well and they say they got all the cancer but Mom here was pretty worried. All is good now and I’m back on track working on the downsizing. Again.. Kris

      • Dear Kris, I’m so sorry to hear about your daughter. It must have a trying time for you. I hope she is completely recovered now.
        We’re not actually in Kentucky. That was a while ago. if you read the post previous to Kentucky/Snakes, The Confession, I explain/confess. More recently we went from France to England to Arizona, and yes there was culture shock each time. Right now it is temperature shock – 110F+ many days.
        All the best to you and your family,

      • sorry, I’m so behind in my blogs. Yes, she is doing wonderful and I was so glad I could go there for as long as she needed me. Oh god, I could not take those AZ temps, thats just too much. Good to hear from you again, I’ll be hanging out here a lot more now just waiting for this house to sell. k

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