Where to begin??

Oh my gosh.  After 18 years in this house we have so much stuff.

I started going through everything only keeping what we need to live here and stage house, a garage sale is planned and the goodwill store has a lot of our clothes.

Random thoughts:

“Why do I have seven drink pitchers??  ok, down to four, will only need one eventually.”  That was my day yesterday and included more items than pitchers.

Dan worked on the garage. I know he is overwhelmed with it. All those years of collecting tools and now just unload them??  Trying to narrow it down to ones he may need on the road….I feel the same way about my crafts/sewing stuff.  I’m down to 13 small totes of fabric from about 30.  That’s still still too many but it’s a start.  I’ll keep at it. He will too.

Fun Day

Saturday we went up into Michigan and looked at some motorhomes. Was fun but we still are trying to decide.  I wanted a class c (maybe a 30 footer), Dan is thinking a class a diesel pusher (36 to 40 feet).  The more we look and not rush into it the better and until the house is sold there is no hurry. We still have the Travel trailer for weekends trips.

Dan wanted to take me to a restaurant up in Dearborn (he works up there) so we headed to the Westpoint BBQ.  He loves their broasted chicken.  Their french onion soup was to die for and the chicken was really good.  Unfortunately I ordered the two piece chicken meal expecting a breast and maybe a wing,  and Dan ordered the 4 piece meal.  Couldn’t believe when it came that each piece was a whole chicken breast.  We actually had 6 chicken breasts, that’s 3 chickens, omg….we couldn’t stop laughing. Guess we should read the menu a bit closer.  Oh well, that worked, three came home with us and Sunday dinner was leftovers.  They also came with a salad, potato, and a slice of garlic bread (4″x9″) that was huge.  We didn’t eat the bread but they filled our bird feeder up nicely so no waste.  $24 bill, but was way too much food.  If we go back I may have to order off the kids menu.

After dinner we headed to Westborn market.  Dan says the guys he works with in Dearborn rave about the place so we wanted to check it out.  Beautiful produce, a bakery, deli, meat market, wines, beers, and their homemade cheeses, oh yeah, this is our kind of place.  Got some fresh baked pita (no HFC), a few vadalia onions (first crop of the year), huge bell peppers, several cheeses, and a 6 pk of Dos Equis.  Tuesday nite baseball viewing  will include chicken/veggie pitas with homemade yogurt sauce and a few amber beers for sure. Super day exploring a city that we have never hung out in so it was a bit of what we expect to do on the road.  I’m sure if we had been total newbies to that area a tour of the Ford museum and a Detroit Tiger baseball game would have been included.  We are  really excited for our full time journey to begin, it”s good to have these practice days.

10 thoughts on “Where to begin??

  1. I can so relate and even though we’ve been in this house only two years it is still overwhelming. Al and I just starred at some boxes in the unfinished basement that hadn’t been unpacked from the last moved. Whatever were we thinking? Oh well, we’re taking it one day at a time.

    We’ll be sticking with the 5th wheel for awhile, but I have my eye on a 32 or 34 foot Winnebago Adventurer. 36 would be the absolute longest we’d consider and even that length would present some problems in some of the state parks. Bigger is not always better. I always have fun RV shopping. Happy purging!

    • Thanks Ingrid, I agree that 36 feet should be max size. Those winnie adventurers look really nice and those panoramic front window views would be great going down the highway. For a while we were really looking at the new Seneca 37RB or the 36MS but there are so many nice ones out there it is hard to make up our minds. We are pretty much in agreement on interior needs and wants so now we are working with a dealership to do some test drives to compare rides and handling. I think that will help us zoom in on the class and length we feel comfortable with.

      We are planning to keep a few things in a storage unit but have a feeling we’ll be wanting to get rid of that stuff after a few years. yep, your right, a day at a time or maybe one box of stuff at a time 🙂 hope you find some good treasurers in those boxes and can find a home for them. Kris

  2. Purging is a horrible job, just keep your eyes on the prize! Soon you’ll be out here travelling the country with me! Today I followed the Lincoln Heritage Scenic Hiway (The Cumberland Gap Trail), and visited Lincoln’s birthplace and his childhood home. Next week I’m thinking of taking the Bourbon Trail! Yummy, Yummy!

    • Oh thanks Kyra, your telling me there is a bourbon TRAIL…..lol, I’ll be there tomorrow, keep the lights on for me… Glad you are having fun in KY and enjoy the horse show. I remember visiting Lincoln’s birthplace but it’s been a long time ago. Don’t remember the cumberland Gap Trail, just the blue ridge parkway. Will have to look that up. Are you stopping at Cumberland falls? It’s neat, really rustic. Talk to you soon, Kris

  3. I’m with Kyra, keep your eye on the prize! It’s well worth it. It takes a bit of time and lots of organizing, you’ll be fine. We separated what we used daily and got rid of everything else. It worked great!

    • Sounds like a good plan Dee. I’m not the best at organizing but I do seem to be getting the purging down pat. Pitch it, sell it, give it away…seems to be how I roll now. I keep reminding myself if you get down the road and you don’t have enough casserole dishes or towels you CAN buy one, right? Promise me I’ll laugh about this someday 🙂 Kris

  4. I have way too much stuff too. And even after I sort and donate, I think it reproduces in the closet again after I turn the light off and close the door. Like metal hangers – you start with one and a week later there’s dozens.

  5. Believe me, what i thought I needed and kept in the RV are things still I dont need and have never used. I think we are due for another purging after a year of fulltiming.
    Like they say above, keep your eyes on the prize…

    • Thanks Mona, I am sure the final days of packing will prove I didn’t quite achieve the level of minimalism I envisioned. I seem to be seeing a trend in the blogs that the downsizing isn’t just a one time event, more like something that takes a bit of time to master with practice and then more practice. Thanks for the encouragement, will definitely keep my eye on the prize. Kris

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