Getting on the same page

Well it’s happening. Hubby has actually started to tell people what our retirement plans are. For the last few months he has let me do the explaining about our dream to become fulltimers and it made me a bit crazy. It was like “hello, I’m putting myself out here and they are looking at me like I’m nuts and giving me that we’ll just smile and pretend we understand look… and your not saying nothing is making me look like it’s all my idea and your just hearing about this for the first time also” lol….So it was a pretty big deal when he told me about telling the guys he works with that as soon as this contract is up he is retiring AND yes, we have plans to sell everything and travel in a motorhome.  Their response was pretty upbeat and they thought it was great so I’m glad that went well for him.

We have our reservations in to attend a Rv-Dreams rally in the Smoky Mountains for this October.  This rally is a 4 day event covering many aspects of fulltime rving. We are looking forward to spending about 10 days traveling and camping in the Smokies, which at that time of year should be beautiful.

Temps are warming up here slowly and I’m thinking maybe two weeks from now we will be uncovering the travel trailer. Time to start planning for the  first weekend camping trip of 2013.  I love “opening day” and it is always fun to get the trailer opened up and ready to go.  I’m sure this year our Sunday rides back home from the campgrounds will include one of us saying “won’t be long until we don’t have to pack up and leave until we feel like it”, yeah, that’s gonna be sweet!

p.s. hope you like the new blog name, Kris

17 thoughts on “Getting on the same page

  1. Hello Kris! Congratulations on the new blog and a bigger congratulations on your decision to full-time it! Good luck with the downsizing. And thanks for listing my blog as one you follow.


    • Thanks Sue, Your blog has been a huge inspiration for us and we enjoy following along with your journeys. My morning tea and blog reading help tone down my “I was so ready to be gone yesterday” thoughts. Planning is something I enjoy and actually could say that listmaking should be considered an actual hobby in my house. I’m getting pretty excited about all of this. Glad you stopped by today! Kris

  2. Hi there, Jacksons! It was hard to decide when to start telling our friends, and I think that happened as soon as we knew we would make it happen one way or another.

    I agree that pre-launch blogging is good. Our experiences have been so much nicer because we already had a community “out here,” and we’ve been able to meet people along the way.

    • Thanks Roxanne and Annie for your warm welcome. It was your comments (feb 23) on your blog that gave me the push I needed to wander over to wordpress and jump into this blogging adventure. I have never exactly been shy but typing out the goings on in my head and in my life seemed daunting, but then I read your blog and love your stories (not to mention humor) and decided to give it a shot. Glad you stopped by to check out our pre-launch. I’m already feeling connected to all of you. Kris

  3. Oh the memories! Congrats on your decision to full time. We planned for about two years as well. You have lots of work ahead but it is all worth it. We have been fulltiming now for four years and no regrets. We decided to just do it until one of us is tired of it. No sign of that yet! Good luck! Judy & John

    • Thanks John and Judy. We are really looking forward to becoming full timers. It’s amazing how much stuff we have accumulated over the years and I know this will be a lot of work but worth it. It helps to hear that you have no regrets and are still loving the lifestyle of full timing. We are pretty stoked about it and ready to make this happen. Take care out there and hope our paths cross sometime soon. Dan and Kris

  4. Welcome to full timing! I agree, start your blog early, it will help other people doing the same thing… Down sizing is a big job, and Judy and I get asked all the time…”how did you do it”. Judy and I, did retire early, just so we could start out adventure early, and do not regret it at all…wish we could have done it sooner!

  5. When we bought our fifth wheel it was with the intent of still keeping a house and traveling out and back. After a few lengthy excursions, the house has become a ball and chain and we are currently in the process of purging and preparing to go full-time. It is overwhelming but we take it one day at a time. I look forward to following your journey and perhaps our paths will cross one day out on the road…….Ingrid

    • Thanks Ingrid. This downsizing has changed things so much, even the way I shop(or don’t shop). I find myself starting to evaluate everything, where would it go, how much do i need it, etc. It’s feeling good to only be surrounded by things I use or cherish instead of things I just have to clean around.

      It is really encouraging for us to hear from you bloggers that are already living this lifestyle and we look forward crossing paths some day soon.

      Good luck with your downsizing and thanks for following us, Kris

  6. Congrats Mom!! I’m so excited for you! Can’t wait til you park your motorhome on my land for a few weeks starting a whole new tradition! Love you!!

    • Thanks Sue and Doug. It’s a wonderful surprise that the rv blogging world is as open and friendly as campgrounds always seem. We feel so welcome by all the comments and I am so glad you took the time to stop and say hi. Kris

  7. Congratulations!!! We have only been on the road for 7 months now and for us, it happened very quickly. We thought about it, read everything, looked at RV’s and then said we would downsize while the house was on the market. Well, that took 5 weeks. We were so lucky. Needless to say, we had to step up the plan and it seemed like everything happened at once. Many changes. Naturally people and family thought were had a screw loose. Now they are wishing they could join in the fun and adventure. We are loving every single second that we are out here meeting new people and having new experiences. Hopefully we will meet up at the Rally in NC. Howard and Linda and their blog played an important part in where we are today. Loretta

    • Thanks Loretta. Wow, 5 weeks, I would love that, then I would go into total panic mode, lol. I keep trying to practice gratitude and be glad I have time to do this downsizing but if something happens to speed up our time frame I will totally roll with it. Glad you are having such a good time on the road. We look forward to meeting you in NC and I am so glad you stopped by our blog. See you in October, Kris/Dan

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