About us and Part I

Welcome to our new travel blog. We are Dan and Kris Jackson, currently living in Ohio. Our first journey will be to start preparing for Dan’s retirement in the next 24 mos by selling and downsizing all of our possessions. I didn’t plan on starting this blog until after we were on the road but after many suggestions that we should also share the downsizing journey I agreed. Maybe it will be informative to others considering full time rving.

We hope you enjoy following along.

Currently we have a 25ft travel trailer and will be looking to purchase a motorhome to live in full time. I am retired from Sunoco Refinery and Dan is looking to retire within the next 24 mos from Ford Motor.

Part I – talking, talking, talking….we’ve exhausted ourselves figuring out if this is really what we want to do. Unfortunately last summer Dan was laid up with a back surgery and keeping up with house, yard, and pool was a lot for me. We normally split everything up, with him of course doing the heavy lifting, but that wasn’t possible. During this time our wonderful camping friends would not hear of us sitting at home while they were camping so we were hooked up, leveled, arranged, and included in all weekend trips. Campers, we’ve learned, are some of the best friends you could ever hope for.

Those weekends meant so much to us to get away from all the chores and work that had lost some of the enjoyment it used to bring us. I’m not quite sure where in there that the idea of becoming full timers crept in but once it became part of our conversation the whole idea became so appealing. Then we began the process of reading anything and everything on full time rving. Yep, we need to go for this, and do it while we are still able. The one thing that is consistently repeated on so many full time rv blogs is “We wish we had done it sooner” and that was not lost on us. Last summers back surgery, which has healed well, was a directive we hadn’t expected and looking back now, one of those ah ha moments.

So it’s official, we have graduated from wannabe’s to gonnabe’s and it’s time to get rid of stuff.

next time: Part II – where to begin?

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